Credit River, ON - Sven Spengemann

My name is Sven Spengemann,

(My favourite waterbody) is hands down it’s the Credit River.

So I grew up on the banks of it, I was born in Germany I came here in 1981 as a 14-year-old kid. My parents, my sisters and I literally lived like 2 minutes from the Credit so I spent every spare hour down there fishing and walking and enjoying the water.

(Favourite memory) I think its the fishing the salmon and trout runs that are just absolutely incredible in the spring and in the fall. Anyone who is a fisherman is drawn to this body of water. There is a lot more going on there, there's the kayak races we used to have and the big ice flows that would come down after a strong winter, a prolonged winter, they would make all kinds of noise during the night just rumbling down the river. There's just a lot going on lots of recreational opportunities. Erindale park used to be the place I spent the most time, it's just an amazing place now for people to enjoy.

Credit River, ON
Chloe Cross
Sven Spengemann

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