Lake Ontario, ON - Dona Geagea

I’m from Mississauga. My favourite waterbody is Lake Ontario, actually just at the lake front in Mississauga, Port Credit.

Lake Ontario is important to me because I feel this interesting sense of deep connection the moment I can see the view and look at the water. So I have a very kind of secret spot, if you will, and it became my secret spot. No one really knows much about this but whenever I have moments, if I’m stressed out, if I’m in a moment of having to make difficult decisions or choices I actually make my way out to this spot, I’m not going to share where it is, and I sit on the rock and it’s very close, you get super close to the water. And I just sit there and I reflect and I feel like I can release, release all the tension release all my ideas. It’s not only in those moments but in those moments where I’m happy or excited something great happens and I want to go. It’s almost I feel like I have this connection with the lake like a friend and I go to share my ups and my downs.

So the Pebble Beach area also connected to my secret spot, it’s not so secret, it’s just where Hurontario connects with Lakeshore and in that area there’s a little hidden spot where there’s a tree that kind of gives privacy and theres pebble shore. So the moment that I just decided to take off my shoes, my socks and dip my feet in the water. It was in wintertime so it wasn’t really the ideal moment to dip your feet in the water, it was very cold but I just like this deep desire to do it and it was so rewarding and so relieving and freeing. I felt free and I think this my connection to Lake Ontario, that’s my favourite memory.

Lake Ontario, ON
Chloe Cross
Ms. Dona Geagea

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