Georgian Bay, ON - Tasha Hyndman

My Watermark is Georgian Bay, Ontario.

I've always lived near or around water, and from a very young age have been drawn to bodies of water in some way, shape, or form.My first real experience with water was in the Georgian Bay around Parry Sound.

For a number of years, throughout my teens, I was involved with an organization called Toronto Brigantine - their motto is 'Building Character through Adventure'. They provide, in essence, a summer camp for young people, and take youth out on overnight sailing adventures on Tall Ships to teach about teamwork, the importance of leaning on each other, while also becoming an independent person.

The first memory that really stands out for me from those trips is the first time I ever stood night watch. I was 17, and I remember it was the middle of the night in the middle of Georgian bay - surrounded by water. I stood on the boat and looked up at the sky - it was filled with stars. In that moment, as I was surrounded by groups of teenagers - I was so calm. I felt like a tiny speck in this huge expanse of water... This is where I fell in love with sailing.

Georgian Bay, ON
Claire Lawson
Tasha Hyndman

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