North Saskatchewan River, AB - Pamela Junck

My Watermark is the North Saskatchewan River, Alberta.

My love for the North Saskatchewan River began as a small girl playing along her banks wading in the small shallows near the rivers edge. Warm sunny days of such innocent fun with mud squishing through my toes, while finding tadpoles and frogs, salamanders and enchanting brightly coloured dragonflies.

We would gather Saskatoons that grew close by and have picnics.
My parents would tell me stories of how they had romantic canoe trips by moonlight and sing songs they knew.

I remember the soothing sounds of the river flowing by- the call of Hawks and geese and all types of birds.

In the winter we would all go for family skating outings near what is now established as Fort Edmonton Park. It was a magical fun time to skate down the river with towering trees on each side and glide through the moonlit starry night.
As a young woman I canoed with friends and family for day trips and also some incredibly beautiful overnight camping trips. We would canoe from a point in Rocky Mountain House down to Edmonton.

I had not seen our River from this close connection. Her banks were so high in places and held multitudes of all kinds of cliff dwelling creatures. So many birds, fox, coyotes and interesting caves. We would enjoy the thrill of rapids and then the long quiet deep peace of her flowing water as the currents floated us along.

The North Saskatchewan River was also my honeymoon trip with my husband of 42 years. As my Life got so busy as life does, I would take solace and comfort by her flowing waters edge. Pick berries with my children and play along her waters edge. We took our children to skate and play there too finding amazing rocks and all manner of interesting things.

Now just this year, one of my daughters and one of my sisters and our grandchildren all went to a spot near Devon Alberta, where we played and swam and floated. The river has made a small island inlet there where fun friendly rapids swoosh you over into pools of water to swim and splash! What a fabulous heart opening great day we had under blue sky and sunshine! Hawks calling and birds singing - dragonflies and enchantment! We have since booked a hall near there for a family reunion next summer, and one of our family activities will involve playing at the river for absolutely certain!

I give deep heartfelt gratitude for this river. She flows through my being revived me and brings such joy and peace and deep comfort.
Please - let us all know her cleansing, life giving power and beauty forever.

Pamela Wharry/Junck

is Mayan for "I am another yourself" or "We are different faces of each other."

Claire Lawson
Pamela Junck

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