Black Creek, ON - Michael Goffin

My name is Michael Goffin, my waterbody is Lake Ontario. So I’m going to say in 1964 I heard for the first time that my father used to cross Weston Road in Toronto and go fishing in Black Creek. I grew up living along Black Creek and it was pretty highly channelized, pretty highly industrialized. As a young kid that fascinated me that my dad used to be able to go fishing and camping along Black Creek in Toronto. That kind of set me on a whole career of wanting to improve water quality and I am so proud of what the City of Toronto has done to restore fish habitat and they have a vibrant fishery along the shoreline. You know its been a gradual change, since, maybe not since the 60’s but since the 70’s and 80’s slow and steady improvement, improve Toronto’s water quality and fish habitat we’re just seeing so much success and I think its just emblematic of some of the improvements we’re making around the Great Lakes.

Black Creek, ON
Thomas Kierstead
Michael Goffin

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