Lake Ontario, ON - Karen Chisholme

My experience with Lake Ontario began when I was a kid I grew up in Mississauga on the shores of Lake Ontario and the Credit River and that was my first experience into dealing with the Great Lakes. Lake Ontario has been part of my life since I was kid and now I get to work at restoring the shoreline of Lake Ontario in Mississauga and improving fish habitat which is what I love.

My main project right now is the lake waterfront connection project which is a big infill that is going to bring back habitat to the eastern end of the Mississauga shoreline, wetland, fish habitat, meadows, forests and reconnect people to the shores of Lake Ontario and reconnect wildlife as well.

Our shoreline properties at Credit Valley Recreational are highly used for passive recreation. We find people in our city parks as well, coming to spend a day they’ll set up tents and hammocks and use it all day right at the shore of Lake Ontario swimming boating fishing at any time you can find people down there. Even in the winter at the mouth of the credit river right at the shoreline of Lake Ontario when conditions are good people will go ice fishing down there and theres a canoe club, boating club, marinas, so its very active along our shoreline.

Lake Ontario, ON
Sally Cole-Misch
Karen Chisholme

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