Lake Erie, ON - Cody Mason

My Watermark is Lake Erie, Ontario.

I love fishing, that’s one of my best hobbies that I think I’m good at. I like the people around Lake Erie. I like Canadians. My fishing story in Lake Erie: me and my best buddy, we went out on the water at 4am, and it was amazing. We went out, saw the sun rise. Nothing better than the sun rise coming from the water. It was this beautiful nice hot day. Got some brewskies out. It was beautiful. Threw some poles in. I don’t think we caught anything, actually. Caught a couple of snags, a couple of pairs of socks (just joking).

This past summer, I went fishing with me and the family and we caught a lot of fish. We caught a couple perch, a couple bass. I remember bringing in this big bass. I thought I should be a professional angler! I held it up and made it look big and everything. I like to go fishing in the inner bay where there are lots of weeds. We try to pick pockets. We sometimes use a tube bait. Kind of bounce around. Depends on the weather, the day and the wind and all that. I toss the fish back; I don’t eat them. Tell them to get bigger for when I come back. Maybe one day I’ll eat them, if I catch more than a couple. I want to become a bass fisherman.

Ever since I was little watching these guys making millions of dollars on TV to just throw in the pole, be in the full sun, just going out on the water being like “wow this is beautiful”. Nothing else, just the fresh air. I don’t even need to look good, eat as much as I want, just get sponsored by Subway! I thought that was crazy, and ever since my dad took me out when I was really little. As I got older I got more and more into it. I bought more and more gear, spending more money.

When I went out with my dad, we went out on Lake Erie. We just rented a boat from Old Cut. , The guy that owned Old Cut, his name was Raymond, same name as my dad, so right here you guys must be best friends. So he let us use the boat a lot. We’d go out there and go out the whole day or even longer. Even rent a little campsite and everything. It was beautiful.

Lake Erie shaped me into who I was today. Even on the beach, even if I wasn’t fishing, I remember going tanning on the beach wearing my speedo. It was great just living life around there. It is beautiful. Words can’t explain it. Lots of people park their boats beside the beach and go water skiing and tubing and stuff. Lots of parties. Everyone is always friendly I find. I remember when my boat got stuck out there and I needed help to get in. I was like waving people down, and they would help us, even late at night. It was awesome.

Lake Erie, ON
Claire Lawson
Cody Mason

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