Ottawa River, ON - Pat Hawkins

My Watermark is the Ottawa River, Ontario.

When I think of water I think of the Ottawa River at the confluence of the Mississippi River. It's a lovely place to paddle and different bits of nature and shorelines, just an overall nice place to be. Living close by gives me the opportunity to paddle when ever I want which is really nice.

I’ll never forget when I was teaching a day kayak course on the Ottawa River, where we seen a group of people not from the area trying to tackle the challenging waves. So we went off to a little calm area that was streams and islands. For most of the group it was the highlight of the trip, but as we came back into the river we seen two deer swimming across the river.

You never know what you’re going to find out when you’re out in the water whether it's on the shore or the water itself. Just being out there gives you the opportunity and ability to appreciate nature.

Ottawa River, ON
Claire Lawson
Pat Hawkins

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