Niagara River, USA - Julie Barrett O'Neil

My Watermark is the Niagara River, New York.

I am from Buffalo, New York and I am fully in love with all parts of the Niagara River and Lake Erie.

Some of my favourite childhood memories are all about playing around in the water. When I was younger my brother caught polliwogs and brought them home and they died in the driveway ditch. My family would go camping and we would find a creek and go cray fishing and go on creek walks as much as possible.

Now I spend my summers on Lake Erie and I swim with my kids and they are the most precious memories I have.

I think I’ve always wanted to make Buffalo a better place. And it wasn’t until I was in college and started gardening that I realised water, and water treatment all play hand in hand in the cycle of life from plants to animals and people.

Niagara River, USA
Krystyn Tully
Julie Barrett O'Neil

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