Toronto Harbour, ON - Michelia Storr

My Watermark is the Toronto Harbour of Lake Ontario.

I worked in a child-welfare organization so at times it was really challenging to deal with the subject matter we were working on. So I would walk ten minutes down to Sugar Beach, plunk myself in a comfy wooden chair and just stare at the water. For me Lake Ontario represents peacefulness. It’s really important for me to know that the water is clean for little kids to go to the beach, for the fish and even the plants.

I also used to walk along the wooden boardwalk near the ferry docks. I used to live on the Toronto Islands for a year and a half, so I would go swimming along Island Beach. I went there this past summer for my birthday its that special to me, I really love being by the water.

Living on the Island was magical, there's a community there who are really committed and care about the island. The quality of life is amazing, it's a really creative place and i’ll treasure that forever.

Living on the Islands we are really dependant on the farriers and sometimes in the winter the lake would freeze, twenty inches in some places. The year of the ice storm one of the propellers on a ferry got sheared off. We were basically trapped, we had to go through the airport to get into the city. Surviving winter there feels like an extra badge of honour.

My last summer there was a heavy rainfall and I looked in the water and seen a large plume of brown water not even a couple of inches below the surface. It was then that I realised that it was probably the sewage that Waterkeeper keeps talking about.

My dream is to one day not have to see that anymore, a sewage free lake is indeed a great lake.

Claire Lawson
Michelia Storr

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