Atlantic Ocean, USA - Davis Guzman

My water body is the Atlantic Ocean, South Carolina.

The ocean is often seen as a dangerous powerful living element, but to me the Atlantic represents a sunny summer paradise. I don’t just mean any place along the Atlantic, but specifically the shores of Kiawah Island, South Carolina. It is in this place where I have spent my summers since I was 5 years old.

Ever since my parents bought a summer home on the ocean, I have spent the majority of my summers swimming. For me, the Atlantic is a place of many firsts. It is the first place I attempted to boogey board; being pushed through the waves by my father at the ripe old age of six. It is the first place I swam out far enough that I couldn’t touch the sandy bottom (much to my mother’s displeasure). It is the first place that I spent the day casting lines into the mysterious blue depths, trying desperately to catch my first fish. It is the first place I ran from the ocean in fear as some sort of slimy item/creature brushed up against my foot. However, above all, the Atlantic for me represents my childhood. Somewhere among those white tipped crashing waves are 11 years of memories. Memories of laughter and happiness. As well as equally valuable memories such as ones of stinging eyes full of saltwater and a deep cut on my foot from a shell. In my opinion (however biased it may be) the Atlantic is also home to the world’s most beautiful sunsets. There is nothing quite like seeing red, orange and pink rays of light bounce off the surface of the ocean, hitting the side of the shrimpers, encompassing them in the shimmering light. The shore of the Atlantic Ocean is not simply my favourite body of water; it is my favourite place in the world.

For me and many other people, the Atlantic is a body of water that is of the utmost importance. It is not only needed for pleasure, but many people rely on the Atlantic and her spoils for an occupation. That is why together, we must make a conscious effort to reduce pollution to maintain the ocean. Whether it be cutting emissions or not forgetting that candy bar wrapper on a park bench. Any small effort can help to keep the Atlantic a place of happiness and a place of fond memories.

Upper Canada College
Premek Hamr
Davis Guzman

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