Hockley Valley Pond, ON - Jake Gamoyda

My Watermark is Hockley Valley Pond, Ontario.

This pond, as cliché as it sounds, is much more than a pond to me. Since I was born I would visit here, and it was at the pond where I first learned how to swim. It's characterized by aqua blue water, surrounded by old, various types of trees - it is deep and large enough for you to do pretty well every activity you wish on it. My fondest memories all lie here, most of which are intertwined with family, all made possible by this pond. The pond has an uncanny capability of bringing people together.

When I said it wasn't just a pond, here's what I meant; it's a four season escape for me and the others that go there. In the summer I cool off and relax next to the water, in the fall I go to see the leaves colours change, in the winter I play hockey on the ice, and in the spring I go to see the nature emerging from the bushes and water. This really is a special place that I'm glad to have apart of my life.

Claire Lawson
Jake Gamoyda

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