Balsam Lake, ON - Matthew Walmsley

My watermark is in Balsam Lake which is both part of the Kawartha Lakes and the Trent-Severn Waterway in Ontario.

My most memorable experience at this waterbody is going to the beach as a child and mixing together water and sand in my plastic green pail. Using my hands I would scoop the slurry mix and toss it in the air. The water and sand gave the droplets a special weight that when they fell back down shone with the light from the sun.

I loved to watch the globes of mud spinning together or breaking apart as they moved higher and higher. My eyes would track until the last possible moment when I would squeeze my eyes shut, snap my head forward and let the cascade of droplets fall on my head.

Balsam Lake, ON
Matthew Walmsley
Matthew Walmsley

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