Balsam Lake, ON - Jack H

My family has gone to Balsam Lake campground since I was a one year old. It was the first campground I ever went to. The lake is one of the key features of the park.

When I go there, I see the sun reflecting off the water and the water glistens like there are hundreds of little diamonds sitting on the surface. I am almost always the first one to arrive at the lake in the morning, so the water is perfectly flat on some days and on others there are tiny little waves rippling through the water. When I step into the water I can feel the coolness and there are often little minnows swimming around my ankles.

Whenever I am there I can just go out and play in the shallow waters for hours. I play catch with my dad, jump the waves and try to catch sunfish with my hands. I have so many memories of this lake like canoeing to the other side and seeing all the cottages with my dad and catching my first sunfish with my hands.

Balsam Lake, ON
Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Jack H

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