Pacific Ocean, USA - Geoff Farrow

I enjoy all sorts of different waterbodies but the Pacific is particularly special to me because I like waves and surfing, stand up paddleboarding, just enjoying the raw power of the ocean and of the power that’s expressed in the form of waves.

Anywhere in the Pacific, from central America to Northern Canada on the West Coast. You’re always going to get waves on the Pacific but I recently we were in Hawaii and there's a particularly special section on the north shore of Maui generates down wind conditions so you can get into huge open ocean swells with the wind at your back which is a great time on many watercrafts from outrigger canoe, surf skis, stand up paddle boards and the paddling culture there is incredible. I think paddling is the national sport in Hawaii so particularly special there and the conditions are there. The consistent conditions there are hard to duplicate anywhere else in the world so it’s pretty special.

Pacific Ocean, USA
Jessica Gordon
Geoff Farrow

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