Credit River, ON - Mary Lyn

My Watermark is the Credit River in Mississauga.

There's a couple bodies of water. One is the Credit River in my hometown of Mississauga. I go there as much as I can just to reflect and to decompress. I find it to be a refreshing source for me, to sit by the river, reflect, and just be in God's creation. I like to watch the smallest of insects and the most beautiful birds.

The other day I was sitting far away in the distance and I saw a crane, which was so cool. I was enjoying myself closer to the shore and I was trying to find ducks to feed bread to. I was throwing the bread into the water to try and get the crane's attention, and then the water began bubbling underneath. As I got closer it was actually a school of fish underneath eating the bread. I thought that it might attract the crane, and it did! But cranes are very mysterious birds and I think it didn't really like me much, so it spread its wings over the river and began watching me. Then it just started walking in the river with its long legs, striding like a boss. It was really really cool. I know in Japanese culture they're really symbolic, but I don't know quite what they mean. That's definitely one of my most visited and favourite bodies of water.

My second one is Victoria Falls between Zimbabwe and Zambia. I've been there twice. I bungee jumped there and have done some rappelling down from the cliff above. Victoria Falls is one of the wonders of the world and has the largest amount of water that falls per second. I don't remember the Swahili name of Victoria Falls, but it basically means the “mountain that thunders”, because there's always a mist that rises due to the amount of water. There’s even parts deep within Victoria Falls that you must wear a rain jacket because you get soaked from the mist. And what's really cool is because of all the mist, there always seems to be a double rainbow.

Credit River, ON
Dana Jackson
Mary Lyn

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