Lake Ontario, USA - Richard Reinert

My Watermark is Lake Ontario, New York.

In the mid 1970's, I ran a project at the Lake Ontario Environmental Laboratory (LOTEL) to predict the increase in lake water temperatures that could be expected down current from power plants proposed for a place in New York State called Sterling, New York.

The project sponsor, Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E), did not submit the results of my study in its application to New York State, despite that fact that very similar results had been independently submitted to them by an engineering firm.

I brought copies of my report to the hearing where the decision regarding the RG&E power project was being adjudicated. I distributed copies of my report to participants at the meeting, including the judge.

Permission to build the power plants was denied by New York State.
I was not rehired at LOTEL.

- Richard L. Reinert, PhD.

Lake Ontario, USA
Dana Jackson
Richard Reinert

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