Lake Erie, ON - Christine Bukowski

My Watermark is Lake Erie, Ontario.

I was born and raised in Buffalo and I work for Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper. I love all the waterways that connect to Lake Erie, and I also lived on the ocean for several years and loved it there as well, but my favourite body of water is Lake Erie itself.

I grew up going over to our family beach house in Fort Erie, Canada. I would spend summers there at Bertie Bay and it’s just this pristine, miles long beach with clear water; it was basically my sanctuary and still is. What I remember about growing up there was the wildlife – catching todds and frogs – and swimming in the water all day to the point that when I went to sleep at night my lungs were sore from holding my breath so much to swim under water.

One particular moment that I remember was going out there early in the morning and the bay was smooth like glass. Normally there were waves, but it was like a glass mirror. I stayed there that entire day until sunset. I remember diving down at sunset and opening my eyes underwater and the water was green, gold, and blue. It was incredible and just felt like home.

Lake Erie, ON
Matthew Chisholm
Christine Bukowski

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