Eighteenmile Creek, USA - Laura Evans

My Watermark is 18 Mile Creek, New York.

I’m with the Sierra Club Niagara Group and the Keeping Things Alive podcast. I grew up in Hamburg, New York and my dad was a lifeguard at Evangola State Park (on Lake Erie) since I was little. He retired as a lifeguard when he was 42. I would actually go to the beach with him every weekend and get babysat by the lifeguards on their break.

There’s a lot of waterbodies I care about, but the Eighteenmile Creek runs into Lake Erie, and now in my adult life, I go there pretty much everyday with my two dogs and just walk up and down the creek. It’s an amazing part of self-care and as an environmental lawyer, it’s a place to unwind and spend a lot of time.

Matthew Chisholm
Laura Evans

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