Caribbean Sea, Mexico - Paco Ollervides

My Watermark is the Mexican Caribbean Sea.

I am Paco Ollervides, I am the Leadership Development Manager for River Network, and I live in Ohio. My Watermark was at the age of 13 when I first borrowed my father’s scuba gear and I was able to immerse myself in salty, warm water, surrounded by colour. It was amazing; the silence, the serenity. It really, really reminded me, I think, to being inside my mom’s womb.

It created such an impression that I wanted to be a marine biologist from that day on. And I have been! What I do now is empower grassroots organizations to be able to defend their bodies of water. My Watermark was the Caribbean Ocean for the sensation I felt and continue to feel. Always.

Matthew Chisholm
Paco Ollervides

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