Indian Ocean, Maldives - Aidan S

A month after my brother and I turned thirteen, we took our summer vacation to Istanbul, the Maldives, and Zurich. This story is taking place in the Maldives, at an amazing resort. We had certain criteria for what must be at the resort. One was their must be sharks.

We spent most of our time their snorkeling in the most beautiful and clear waters with the most bright and vibrant colours of coral. It was even more incredible to see the sea life and how it just brushed past us: needlefish, groupers, bright, vibrant parrot fish, and turtles. This is not mentioning my most favourite of the sea life: the sharks. All the sharks that we saw while snorkelling were were blacktip reef sharks. They would come right up to us, kind of circle us, than swim away. They were so incredible to watch as they swam through the clear waters gracefully.
Than a few days later, my dad found himself scrolling through the possible watersport opportunities of the island and found we could get PADI certified, which is scuba diving certified. I was so excited to get started. First, we had to do a course that would take over 10 hours of studying. When we finally got out in the waters and started practicing, we had to practice things like buoyancy, or what if there's a problem and how to fix it. After three days of working hard and studying, we finally got certified. It was incredible. We saw the sea life so up close and got to swim right beside them in the clear blue waters. We saw new sea life that we couldn't see before like white tip and grey reef sharks. We also saw a fish that was bigger than me called the Napoleon fish.

It was the best thing I've ever done: swimming beside sea turtles, sharks, groupers. It was incredible. But the last dive was amazing. It was over 20 meters deep with the clearest waters I’ve ever seen. We saw everything I mentioned plus stingrays and spotted eagle rays. I would never want these amazing waters that are so clear and filled with beautiful vibrant colored fish, to be polluted or to be gone.

Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Aidan S

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