Indian Ocean, Maldives - Liam S

It was summer break in the Maldives and we were on the dive boat getting ready for our second dive that day. Our dive master went in, than my brother went in, than me. As we got in we saw all the colors instantly. Under us we could see all the fish, and all the reefs. We descended to the bottom and our divemaster signaled that we were going around the reef. Two or three minutes in to the dive we were seeing everything: groupers, rays, thousands of fish and even sharks.

Whenever we saw a shark, our divemaster would always get up close to it and chase it to get a good video of it. There were times when we were down there and if you look around, you would think “Wow, this is our ocean, in our world!” The sun was shining all the way to the bottom and the water was crystal clear. We headed to a different area of the reef and when we arrived we saw the most vibrant rock ever. There were sea anemones, lobsters, lots of fish and even a moray eel. I had never seen one before and I didn’t know if I ever would see one in my life. When we looked up we saw swimming above us gigantic Napoleon fish around the size of me. Those fish were some of the biggest fish I had ever seen.

We started to ascend to do our 5m safety and when we got to 5m my dad, my brother, and I took pictures together and looked down at the lively reef beneath us. We got up to the boat and we all agreed that that dive was our favourite dive yet. We looked down from the boat at the reef as we left to go back to the resort. Everyone can have powerful experience in water like this or in other ways and this is why we should respect our underwater world.

Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Liam S

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