Indian Ocean, Maldives - Feili Wang

My Watermark is the Indian Ocean off the coast of Maldives.

I am from China, but have been in Canada for three years. My name has no connection to water, but I named my daughter Yuxin, which means “rain and cheer” in Chinese. I enjoy travelling with my husband and daughter.

I have been to the Maldives twice, and both times I have had wonderful stays on the islands there. Maldives is composed of islands on the Indian Ocean, and the specks of corals surrounding the islands make them perfect places for snorkelling and diving.

I was not well-equipped for snorkelling the first time I went to the Maldives. I often stepped on the white dead corals and grey stones while walking in the shallow sea. I was not annoyed by the pain of stepping on the coral at all, because the beautiful scenes I saw under water attracted all of my attention. There were so many types of fish and other sea animals I had never seen. Their various colours could not be duplicated by any paint.

I saw a strange-looking mollusk in bright yellow one day when I was snorkelling under a bridge. It looked like yellow bubbles with an opening on top. Out of curiosity, I placed my finger into the opening. Suddenly the yellow bubble tried to suck my finger into its opening. Although I pulled my finger out very quickly and it did not hurt, I was scared for a long time. From then on I knew that people should not disturb the marine life while enjoying the fun of snorkelling or diving.

Yuxin Zhang
Feili Wang

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