Caribbean Sea, Jamaica - Olivia M

A couple of years ago my family and I travelled to Jamaica for a get together with my dad's side of the family and also for a little vacation.

After a short plane ride, my brother and I were excited to go into the Caribbean Sea to see fish and go swimming. We bounced on the water trampoline for an hour and then we were ready to go looking for fish. We grabbed our goggles and went underwater. My brother came up for a breath and was excited. He yelled, “I see fish, I see fish! They're really fast!” I swam over and dove underwater. He was right! There was a bunch of fish and they were very, very fast. For the next hour, we were swimming around looking at the different types of fish and trying to catch them with a bucket (they swam away). Then, my dad decided he wanted to show us how to jump over the waves in a graceful manner. For about half an hour we were playing around in the sea with my dad and building sandcastles; tall sandcastles that looked like ships. We called one The Titanic #2. After a while, we saw the sun started to set and the seagulls flying in the sea. My family decided to go for a quick snack and then come back to the water and crash into the waves. Until it got dark we ran back and forth trying to race the waves to shore and jumping into the white waves that came up to shore and trying to stay standing. My brother and I are very competitive so we decided to turn it into a game, I won. It was pitch black out and we came back to the beach after a dinner looking out onto the water. My dad taught my brother how to skip rocks while my mum laid down and took a little nap, I walked along the beach and played around with the sand going through my toes. I tried to skip rocks but failed miserably so I did my own thing instead. I got big rocks and threw them into the sea and watching them have a big splash into the water. After a while, it got so dark that we couldn't see our hands in front of us. It was time to go inside for bed.

Lying in bed, I could hear the crickets and the seagulls. I had a hard time falling asleep because I was thinking about all the new water and sand adventures I would have in the morning. After that trip to Jamaica and spending time with my family, I realized how significant the Caribbean Sea is.

Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Olivia M

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