Caribbean Sea, Jamaica - Olivia H

My Watermark is a stretch of beach in Jamaica. My family shares a house in Montego Bay in a gated community called Silver Sands. When we get there we always love swimming with sea creatures like manta rays and baby sea turtles! When we snorkel, my cousins and I swim through the coral reef and always end up getting stung by jellyfish!

Another reason why Jamaica is my Watermark is because we go cliff jumping at a place called Blue Hole. It is filled with huge waterfalls surrounding the trench. My cousins and I recently jumped off the tallest waterfall of 40ft. It was insanely scary but a memory I’ll never forget.These water bodies are important to me because it has helped create family memories through waves and wildlife in the water. If I didn't have this waterbody I would have an empty hole inside of my heart.

Alison Elliott
Olivia H

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