Caribbean Sea, Jamaica - Ziana Pachman

Once when my family and I were at a beach in Jamaica, we decided to go fishing. It's much different than fishing in a lake in Ontario,because of the different wildlife. While fishing in a lake here in Toronto you might catch two or three different types of fish. In Jamaica, since we were very close to the shore, we caught a lot of small fish of different species, a few crabs, and some other species I'm not sure the names of. If we had gone further out into the ocean, we could have caught larger fish.

The main difference from fishing in Toronto and Jamaica was that in Jamaica we were using a net instead of a fishing rod. Using a fishing net increased the amount if fish we caught at a time, as well as what species we caught. If we were to fish in a lake in Toronto, we would mainly catch fish. I cherish and enjoy the fishing experiences I have had and would love to do it again, someday.

Amanda Persaud
Ziana Pachman

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