Shuswap Lake, BC - Pauline Martin

I was 6 year-old, it was 1973. We were going on a family vacation in a houseboat on the Shuswap/ It was very exciting! While my Dad was busy getting much needed instructions on how to drive the houseboat my big sister, my big brother and myself were playing on the dock. My mother just purchased brand new flippers for us to use in the lake. I wanted to know if these flippers floated - I was quite sure they did, so I thre both my them over the side of the dock into the lake. I learnt the power of deep water as the brand new beautiful flipper sank to the depths of no return. On that trip I got in trouble for causing a disturbance at the back of the boat making my dad lean out of the window turn and look at me and him instantly losing his glasses into the deep water - never to be found again. There was one night on our week trip where the Shuswap had so much wind and resulted in huge waves on the lake. We had to wait on the shore as my dad had to keep the boat out in the middle of the lake. One houseboat had flipped over on its side and my dad had to help them. It was a very exciting night. I also remember standing on top of the house boat and looking down at the clear water and seeing the big fish we were trying to catch. I was a very memorable family holiday with lots of beautiful fresh water to enjoy and be in awe of!

Shuswap Lake, BC
Fraser Riverkeeper
Rachel Schoeler
Pauline Martin

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