Lake Couchiching, ON - Erica Clark

My Watermark is Lake Couchiching in Orillia, Ontario.

I am originally from Whitby Ontario, but have been in Vancouver for 20 years this September. Growing up in Ontario we braved really hot summers! We had a pool in the back yard and my mom would drag us out twice a day, at lunch and dinner, shrivelled and water logged.

We went to a couple of lakes each summer too and it was the same for me, dragged out. When I got old enough to drive I made it my goal to go into as many different lakes as possible each summer and make a list so I didn't repeat the next.

Now in BC it is harder to do that, but I do, it's just really cold in those glacial lakes and ocean! Being in the water to me is a life force. going under the water wakes me up. Feeling it on my lips and eyelids I can feel the energy from the water absorbed into my body.

Fraser Riverkeeper
Rachel Schoeler
Erica Clark

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