Lake Ontario, ON - Denise Rishworth

We live in Oakville, Ontario. I’m torn between Lake Ontario and Lake Huron which is where I grew up and we have our family cottage. My initial response is to say Lake Huron which is where I grew up and I was able as a child to grow up on the beaches of Lake Huron. But I think my Watermark, we are so fortunate to live on Lake Ontario. We don’t live on the lake be we see it every time we drive to the grocery store or drive to the school and so when our kids were little and we put them in the car seats on our way to the day care or on our way to school, every morning we’d see the sunrise over the lake and we’d go “Hello, beautiful lake.” And I think as a parent to be able to transcend the importance of water and the importance of the fortunateness of just being on the water and being able to see that every day as part of our lives. I think that really is my Watermark.

Lake Ontario, ON
Denise Rishworth

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