Lake Erie, ON - Dani Couture

Dani's family home is at the base of lake Erie, most of her work centres around water.

One of her poems that was influenced by water was written while she was at the NWC Writers summit in 2014.

The Omega Trick

“I want this to be the last thing I’ll ever do to stop here and say I’ll go no further.” — Kate Hall

A portside slap of white hieroglyph
warns objects are larger than they appear
and do not disappear beneath the surface.
As if something that would dare

that close would turn back. This intent
has legs. Too late, I’ve already forgotten
I can die. But if I did, it would be
some signature trick: a released fish

knuckleballed into the lake and taken up
in flight. This desire to get close
is all opposing mirrors — the universe
trying to both see and collapse

into itself. Some days, I tell you
there exists only two types of hunger,
except, in the end, only one. The first
eats the other. It’s like how I imagine

galaxies we’re told to believe in
when I’ve never been to California.
Upriver, a parade through a stalled parade
of empty buildings. Huge,

clumsy machinations Oz’d
with Model T descendants. The waters
no longer run red or court fire.
We’ve found better blends

to run off. Crushed pills in spoonfuls
of corn syrup. Come, the algae blooms
are so thick, we can walk on water
we can’t drink. At a certain hour,

the sky and river look twinned,
an untilled grey, and I can understand
how a plane can be piloted into water
thinking it was the right way up.

Lake Erie, ON
Dani Couture

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