Lake Erie, ON - Rachel Vann

My name is Rachel Vann and I am from Kingsville, Ontario.

I grew up on Lake Erie so that is the body of water that resonates the most with me. It’s kind of interesting because even though I grew up on the lake I didn’t really have a relationship with it because know one in my family swims and we kind of stayed away from it. My earliest memory of Lake Erie actually is kind of depressing. I remember I was in grade 5, and a 3rd grader at my school actually was celebrating her birthday on the lake and she ended up drowning. At that early age, it just really struck me at how powerful water is and how both life giving and life taking it can be. I think even when I was 12, that it really hit me, I was like “wow this a force we can’t control it and it’s everywhere and we have to take care of it” and that’s really when the power of water struck me. It’s an awful story I know, but that’s my first memory of Lake Erie.

Lake Erie, ON
Rachel Vann

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