Chemong Lake, ON - Su Sheedy

My name is Su Sheedy and I am from Kingston, Ontario.

The name of the waterbody I have a close connection to is called Chemong Lake, it is just north of Toronto, about an hour. I have an early childhood memory. I think I am about 4 years old and I am standing in the shallow waters of Chemong Lake and my father is behind me and he is helping me, and guiding my hands and arms down into the water through the sandy layers and showing me how to mine down into the pure silty clay mud. I remember the great strength it took to yank a big clod of mud out of the water and then later we made things with it, figurines. I think this memory has stayed with me because I felt like such an intrepid explorer I felt like I was digging down into the deep unknown. It was a very much cool memory with my dad.

Chemong Lake, ON
Su Sheedy

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