Eramosa River, ON - Paul Cardoz

My Watermark is Eramosa River, Ontario.

Every opportunity I get to be surrounded by nature, I take. A few moons ago in the midst of the summer, this year in 2015, we planned an overnight camping trip to Rockwood Conservation Area. Nestled between Guelph and Georgetown, the little town of Rockwood was built up around the Eramaso River that runs through the Conservation grounds.

Towering limestone cliffs, caves and glacial potholes, including one of the world's largest, are a few of the natural wonders at the Rockwood Conservation Area. You can view them from hiking trails on both sides of the Eramosa River or in a rented canoe.

We set up tent late afternoon, and then I readied the bicycle for my first tour of the trails. From our camp-site, it was a few hundred feet to the Cedar Ridge Trail, which opens up to this great view of a wide portion of the river within which stands these out-cropping’s of land. There were little islands with a few trees and make for a beautiful break in the vast expanse of water. The trail winds along the river and crosses over to merge with the Pothole trail. Filled with beautifully carved potholes, it was truly eye-opening for me to see the beauty of nature at work. Water, being one of the five basic elements, has slowly, over a vast period of time, eroded away the rock to form these aesthetically amazing formations.

To imagine this ancient glacier or river of ice, had slowly crept passed this land that I was standing on, today, was mind-boggling in itself. Then again, the simple fact that I could sit by this clear blue water and marvel at this beautifully carved out landscape, is truly a gift from God.

To the left of our campsite, is a small beach with golden sand that compliments the bright blue of the river water. There were beach bodies everywhere, and we added to the crowd, later that evening. The water was very comfortable to swim in, warmed by the hot afternoon sun. Later on, as the sun began setting below the tree line, cooler currents permeated through, which were very welcome. However, it was also a signal to get out of the water and ready the camp-fire.

After dinner that night, we hiked up the trails in search of the stars in the Milky Way and for glimpses of the moon on the water, through the trees. ‘Breath-taking’ does not even come close to describing the view you get of the water, at night with a clear sky and a bright moon. Silently a falling leaf or a small fish will break the polished mirror surface of the water and sends tiny circular ripples, to add to the show. Water has the power to be rough and tough, as it was in the state of the glacier crashing through this land, many years ago. Yet it can be very calm and peaceful, as it is today, and bring joy to many like me who love to spend time in, on or near it.

Eramosa River, ON
Naomi Cardoz
Paul Cardoz

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