Lake Nokomis, Minnesota - Emily Morton

Growing up in Minnesota, water has been a large part of my upbringing. As stated on our license plates, "The Land of 10,000 Lakes," this state has no shortage of water. From water skiing in the summer to ice fishing in the winter, people make use of man-made and naturally occurring lakes year round.

Personally, the lake nearest to my house, Lake Nokomis, was a popular summer destination for kayaking, sunbathing, and even rollerblading around the waterfront. Even though it’s such a communal place, I think everyone connects to it a bit differently. So many pieces of my summer vacations have been spent alongside the ducks and minnows along the beach. Not only have I experienced it on a personal level, but also as part of the community. So many times I spent summer camp days at Lake Nokomis. Sunny days that ran along the narration of sandcastle construction, mermaid impersonation, and so obviously Marco-Polo. These experiences, I think are the things that gave me such an appreciation of water. These are the pieces of my definition of water and the reasons why I’ve come to appreciate it so much. Sunny, sandy Saturdays and wish-washy waves go hand in hand at Lake Nokomis and there’s no other way I’d want to experience it.

Lake Nokomis, USA
Esther Bushuev
Emily Morton

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