Campbell River, BC - Nirvana Dawson

My name is Nirvana Dawson, and I was born on the island Mali Losinj in Croatia. I have spent a lot of time going out on boats with my family when I was younger as well as with my husband and my kids as they were growing up. I still very much enjoy going out canoeing and enjoying the beautiful scenery that is constantly changing as we canoe along the rivers. We had often gone on canoeing trips on Georgian Bay and many other places. One time that I remember was when I was about 20. My husband, Jack, and I went to British Columbia and we were in Vancouver. We we were on a river, called the Campbell River, and we canoed to this island. Coming back, the tides had changed, and it was very difficult to continue canoeing. The current was so strong that our canoe kept spinning in circles; we couldn't get across this body of water. It took a few hours, but we eventually made it to the other side. I will forever remember Jack being scared of the powerful current, because I never see him scared. I understand because we were stuck there in this huge body of water being pushed around by the current, but I wasn't as scared as my husband. Even though I was quite young, I believed that the canoe was just keeping us safe from these currents. I had faith that our canoe wouldn't flip over, and it didn’t! Although it was quite a wild ride with the powerful water, Jack and I had a great time on our little canoeing adventure out on the lovely water of the Campbell River.

Campbell River, BC
Caroline Giuricich
Nirvana Dawson

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