Lake Simcoe, ON - Michael Giuricich

My Watermark is Lake Simcoe, Ontario.

I go out boating with my friend all the time. His family owns a yacht, and he invites me to go with them to Lake Simcoe. We always have fun going on the boat and swimming, but mainly just relaxing. A time that sticks out the most for me was not too long ago during the summer.

We were mainly just relaxing and taking a break from our busy lives back in Toronto. We spent our day jumping into the water off the boat and just chilling in the boat as well. For more fun, we took the dingy boat out from the yacht. We wanted to go closer to the shore that we found from boating around. We brought two foldable camping chairs onto the dingy and sat on them as we drifted through the water.

Eventually, we hit a nice sandy spot near the shoreline that was shallow enough that we could put our foldable chairs in the water. We could sit slightly in the water, while not getting completely soaked head to toe. We sat in the chairs listening to music with my bluetooth speakers that I always bring for out trips. We just chilled in the water with our feet resting up on the dingy. I really enjoyed the calming sound of the waves splashing up and hitting the shore, and running over our feet. It is nice to look out far into the sea and clear my head.

Overall, it was really nice time just kicking back with a beer in hand and enjoying the beautiful weather. Going on these boating trips takes me away from my busy, and stressful life at home. It is a time to get away from everything and just focus on the water and having fun.

Lake Simcoe, ON
Caroline Giuricich
Michael Giuricich

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