Ottawa River, ON - Peter VanRoon

My name is Peter VanRoon and I’m from Ottawa now. Born in Montreal, spent some time in Toronto, but Ottawa is home for me and especially for my kids. There’s been all sorts of water that’s influenced my life – oceans, lakes, but I’d have to say the Ottawa River is a bit part of my life every single day now. '

I live a block away from the river, I’m with the dog along the river, walking every single day. In the winter time we’re cross country skiing and the river is open and got the rapids running right along beside us as we’re skiing. It’s just magical, magical, magical. To be able to walk up to the Kitchissippi and see all the inukshuks and walk across the bridge to Lemieux Island and we get the seagulls. It’s like a vacation every single day, it’s a huge huge part of our lives.

Ottawa River, ON
Ottawa Riverkeeper
Miriam Ahmed
Peter VanRoon

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