Ottawa Riverkeeper Gala 2015 created 22 watermarks.
The Ottawa Riverkeeper Gala is the biggest night of the year for water in Ottawa! More than 350 river lovers attended the 2015 Riverkeeper Gala, creating a magical atmosphere. The event, united English, Québécois and First Nations guests around a shared passion for freshwater protection, because they know that water is an essential part of Canadian life.
Atlantic Ocean, NS
Paula Archembeau
Bigwater Lake, ON
Amanda Masterson
Gulf of Mexico, USA
Emily Duncan
Lac Bang Bang, QC
Jeff Westeinde
Lac Barnes, QC
Josh Finlayson
Lac McPhee, QC
Tanya Leblanc
Lac Meech, QC
Rodney Wilts
Lake Muskoka, ON
Gord Nixon
Lake Ontario, ON
Andy Maize
Lake Simcoe, ON
Cathy Emms
Lake Simcoe, ON
Robin Hutchison
Lake Temagami, ON
Kathleen Edwards
Mink Lake, ON
Emma Arsenault
Ottawa River, ON
Eric Campbell
Ottawa River, ON
Peter VanRoon
Pigeon River, Kawartha Lakes, ON
Jamie Evans
Saint John River, NB
Garry Zed
Severn River, ON
Sharbot Lake, ON
Clark Lawlor
Trout Lake, ON
Meredith Brown
West River, PE
Conner Leggin
Wilmot Creek, ON
Geoff Green