Saint John River, NB - Garry Zed

My name is Garry Zed. I hail from New Brunswick. When I think about water that has been very influential for me in my life, there are actually two bodies. One is the Saint John River where I grew up for 30 years of my life. Every summer I made remarkable memories of family and friends spending time on the water.

Those are my deepest memories. And I would say in the last 25 years another very important body of water has been the Miramichi. The Miramichi has been a very tranquil, mystical place for me and my friends and family to spend time where we do a lot of salmon fishing. It’s a place of relaxation and tranquility and where man really, really integrates with nature.

I find it one of the most remarkable places in the world. I think its a real testimony where throughout all of North America and all over the world people come to the Miramichi to spend time on our river to do salmon fishing. I think that really says it all.

Ottawa Riverkeeper
Miriam Ahmed
Garry Zed

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