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I’m Steve Shutt, former Montreal Canadien. I was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1993 also am a former Toronto Marley so I have my connection to Toronto and Montreal. Right now I am living in Sarasota Florida, I work with a company called Cimco Refrigeration and we do all the refrigeration for all the ice rinks around North America. We've done 16 in the last 16 NHL buildings. The last big job that we did I think is we did every single refrigerated event in the Vancouver Olympics. As I tell people I spent one career on the ice and my next career under the ice. I grew up in Toronto basically in Willowdale and I was there till I was 19 then I got drafted by Montreal and lived in Montreal for the next 23 years. I ended up at the National Water Centre by working with Dave. He invited me to come out and it was something a little but out of the unusual for me so I figured why not come up. I still travel down to New Brunswick a fair amount, I am still playing old timer’s games and I am in and out of the Maritimes but most of the time in the winter times so I wanted to come down here to see what it look like in the summertime. The weather has been great, the Maritimes is a pretty nice place it's nice to see it like this because most of the time when I am down here we are in the middle of freezing rain or fog or snow or something along those lines so it is kind of nice to come down here and see that there is a summer and it is quite nice.

I've certainly been around water and I didn't realize until after I got here in the conversation that I started realizing how close I was to the water. When I was a kid we used to go up to Balm Beach which is right near Wasaga. That was always the highlight of the summer we were renting a cottage and going out there so that was one part of it. Then I got into boats and I was in Lake Ontario for a couple of years then I went up through the Trent Canal system and kept my boat up there in Georgian Bay for a couple of years and that was really really spectacular. I had some friends up there and we’d just take the boats and literally cruise up to Killarney. There really is not much there, just Precambrian shield and the water and there was no sand so you had to be careful because if you hit with your boat that would be expensive. It was nice, we’d go up there with four or five boats and go to some secluded cove and just spend the weekend there. It was kind of nice to go there and you're basically on your own and it was really good.

I moved to Alabama, in Mobile I was there for six years people don't realize that Alabama has 40 miles of coast. I had a boat down there but wasn’t too keen on getting into the Gulf. I would cruise out there but not much, I went fishing a lot but didn't get a connection there. The last three years now I've been living in Sarasota Florida and we are on the west side and we are right in near Manatee River and the intercoastal canal system. It is really interesting when you look at the intercoastal in that area it looks very very similar to Georgian Bay. You got all these little islands that have no houses on and you can go there and just anchor up and as funny as it is it reminds me of a lot about Georgian Bay. I think in dealing with water I don't think I am going to be a front row leader but what I will take from this is that when you are out on the water conservation is common sense. You see boaters and people who do dumb things and they might not be aware or not care. I just think that if I happen to see that I will be a little bit more vocal in bringing it up to them. Everybody does their part, even that being a small part,if you got everybody thinking that way it's certainly is going to help.

Georgian Bay, ON
Krystyn Tully
Steve Shutt

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