Georgian Bay, ON - Patty Carlson

My Watermark is Georgian Bay, Ontario.

In the summer we take our boat from Lake Simcoe up to Georgian Bay through the Trent Severn locks. We would go out to Bhosle Island and Cedar Springs, with a big dock there. We would tie up at the dock and stay for a few days there. It was one of our favourite activities because we had a 38ft boat. On our back deck we always took a couple bikes along when we were on a trip, so if we were somewhere else we could go in and buy groceries.

When we go out there, we take a long line of the boat and tie it to the bike. Then the kids, would tie one of the rope to a cleet and the other to a bike. Then they would back up and ride there bike off the dock and jump into the water. We started off with just our kids, but by the end of the day, every kid on our every boat that was anywhere near Cedar Springs would be out, and we would all be letting them take turns to ride off. It was a lot of fun. That was one my most fondest memories of going out on our trips to Georgian Bay.

Georgian Bay, ON
Charly Caproff
Patty Carlson

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