Twin Lake, ON - Malcolm Dallaire

My Watermark is Twin Lake in Ontario.

My cottage is on the lake, which gave me free reign to explore and enjoy the water to its fullest. I kayaked, canoed, swam, went tubing, waterskied, and went cliff jumping.

My best memory of the lake though, is when three of my friends and I raced two canoes across the lake. It started off as a very close race, but my boat started to pull ahead as we got closer to the middle of the lake. A sudden gust of wind ruined our lead though, and sent us tipping into the water. However, I wasn’t about to let my friends in the other boat get away with a cheap win like that, so I swam after them and tipped them too.

Despite having to swim the heavy water-filled boats all the way back across the lake, it was easily one of the most fun days of my life.

Twin Lake, ON
Stephen Wong
Malcolm Dallaire

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