East China Sea, China - Sisy Ling

My Watermark is the East China Sea, China.

I come from Xiamen which is a coastal city of China. I really like the sea, my home is near the sea and I love walking on the beach. Being beside the beach makes me feel relaxed and peaceful. I love going to the beach with my parents or friends after dinner. After the sun sets, the sea becomes much different than during the daytime. The sea breeze makes me comfortable and walking barefoot feels great because the sand is so soft.

Sometimes we played games on the beach or made sand sculptures and it was really funny. There are a lot of people on the beach during summer vacation and we really enjoy talking to them and sharing our memorable experience with the sea. It’s a really good chance to make new friends. Living by the sea is one of the reasons why I like swimming so much. I can still remember my first swimming experience.

When I was in the cold water for the first time, I was scared enough to run away, but my dream of swimming like a fish kept me determined and convinced me to not give up so easily. My instructor told me to walk in the pool to gain more confidence, but I stuck to the wall and couldn’t put my head in the water. I thought that I needed to have more practices and get the hang of swimming, so I practiced on my own as well. After a whole week of getting used to walking and breathing in the pool, I was finally able to start my swimming lessons. Everything became so much easier after that. Swimming has already become such a big part of my life and the sea of my hometown will always stay in my heart.

Esther Bushuev
Sisy Ling

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