Bay of Quinte, ON - Julia Morch

My Watermark is Bay of Quinte, Ontario.

As a young girl growing up in rural Ontario I would spend most of my 'free time' near water. Whether it was floating on icebergs or making Pooh sticks to race in the spring run off. My father, Ian Morch, grew up in a sailing family, and water I think ran in is veins.

I can recall summers where he would spend hours with myself and brothers sailing in our Laser. He would let us run back and forth trying to dump him out. As we grew older he taught us how to drive a motor boat, learning to sail, navigate, splice rope, and water safety. Water became ice, and we would skate for hours, and one January we hoisted a tarp and sailed from Prinyer's Cove to Bongrard Corners on the ice.

Over the past 40 years, water has become part of my language of emotions, a spiritual sanctuary, and mirror to the unconscious. In my studies to become a Shamanic Coach, water is a venue for deep connection with the divine, with great spirit, with my heart song. I am curious about my Watermark, and how what I do, what I say, what I think and what I feel has a ripple impact.

I am committed to the process of diving into the nature of who I am, learning how to be in the flow of life with open heart, open mind, open body and open spirit. As I enter into my 50th year, I have a dream of buying a sailboat, maybe one of the one's my dad designed as the President of C+C Yachts.

Today, as I was running on the snow covered Bay of Quinte, I could feel the presence of Dad. The sunshine on the snow glistening and the ripples of water under the bridge reminded me of the impermanence and fragility of life. I remaining vigilant of where and when I get frozen, and knowing that the heart song will always take me home, to back to my own source, back to the waters I was born from.

Bay of Quinte, ON
Chloe Cross
Julia Morch

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