Gulf of Mexico, USA - John Parker

My Watermark is the Gulf of Mexico in Texas, USA.

During the winter in south Texas on the Gulf of Mexico, we saw green turtles coming up on our sixty-mile stretch of beach to lay eggs. We found a dead one with a large gash and called the biologist to check it out, which is the law. He said the turtle had been bitten by a shark. This took place on our Island called Mustang Island. Further down the shore, Mustang Island turns into Padre Island and there is a National Park there. In talking to one of the Park wardens, he told me that they have a type of red tide every few years. This one is deadly. The sand dunes are populated with fox and coyote and when the red tide comes many are killed as they eat dead fish and seaweed. Domestic dogs perish as well, when their owners let them roam and they ingest the red tide while eating shore critters. Where we go on Mustang Island, a local vet told me they have the most virulent strain of rattlesnakes in Texas.

Ruby Pajares
John Parker

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