LOW Staff Collected Watermarks (2016) created 47 watermarks.
In the month of January, Lake Ontario Waterkeeper staff collected Watermarks from their families and friends.
Active Pass, BC
Judie Leckie
Annapolis River, NS
Jeffrey Glenen
Anstruther Lake, ON
Jennifer Nicholson
Anstruther Lake, ON
Sabina Appleton
Atlantic Ocean, NS
JC Foster
Atlantic Ocean, NS
John Parker
Atlantic Ocean, Scotland
Ashley Bowes
Bay of Fundy, NB
Zach Olesinski
Clear Lake, MB
Roland Pajares
Cootes Paradise, ON
Ashley Anderson
Credit River, ON
Scott Mullen
Daet River, Philippines
Dan Pajares
Don River, ON
Dan Pajares
Georgian Bay, ON
Andrea Porretti
Grand River, ON
Kathy Lentz
Grenadier Pond, ON
Paul Bulas
Gulf of Mexico, USA
Helen Parker
Gulf of Mexico, USA
John Parker
Halifax Harbour, NS
Trevor Parker
Halls Lake, ON
Kathleen Cook
Horseshoe Lake, ON
Stanley Assing
Hubley Lake, NS
Helen Parker
Hudson Bay, QC
Diana Barrerro
Isarog River, Philippines
Teodora Nolasco