St. Lawrence River, ON - Charlie Hughes

My Watermark is the St. Lawrence River, Ontario.

The St. Lawerence River is a very important place to me. It is a place where I spend every summer. There, I get to frolic in the water, play on my island and take boat rides through the thicket of islands. The river is always bustling with life, be it the small minnows in the early-to-mid summer or the massive fish that sneak around in the middle of the night. It provides the sustenance and essentials that all life needs to thrive, it gives hatching pools to mosquitos, which in turn give food to dragonflies; the fish in the river are the delicious food that minks eat; the turtles thrive off of the small developments of growth in the marshy areas; the toads enjoy the insects that populate the coast of the river.

The river is a place of life and a purveyor of it, as well. I take great delight going there every summer and being part of the ecosystem.

Upper Canada College
Tanis Rideout
Charlie Hughes

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