Georgian Bay, ON - Jamie Oneschuk

My Watermark is Georgian Bay, Ontario.

My family owns a cottage on Collin's Bay which is a small lake that is attached to the greater Georgian Bay. When I was younger, I used to spend a large part of my summer at this cottage. I remember spending endless hours swimming and water skiing, as well as going on long boat rides down to the Pancakes and Henry's. One of my most memorable experiences at that cottage was going fishing in between some islands near our cottage. I remember spending hours fishing with my Brother and Father, and catching some good sized Smallmouth bass.

Another memory I have is when my brother was fishing off the end of our dock and caught a large Rainbow trout. The scales shone in brilliant shades of red and green under the hot summer sun. These memories were only made possible by the beautiful lake that my cottage resides on. If not for that lake, many of my summers would have been much more dull.

Georgian Bay, ON
Tanis Rideout
Jamie Oneschuk

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