Mediterranean Sea, Greece - Adil Natal

Palatine blue waves rolled against the sharp edges of the rocky shore in Istanbul. Blaring horns sounded as large cruise ships left the large ports of the bustling city. Istanbul was once the centre of the world where they dominated through trade from the use of water. To the Byzantines, naval access granted them immeasurable power: seafaring was in their blood. When I first visited Istanbul I was excited to see the marvellous sites: the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace. Although those sites had a rich historical and cultural significance (something I value greatly) and were indeed architectural marvels, what I noticed more than anything else was how remarkably clear the water was in the Mediterranean Sea. It may not have been the focus of my trip to Istanbul, but the gentle waves provided the perfect backdrop to this metropolitan city.

I was in Istanbul for a cruise. My plan was to explore Greece, Turkey and parts of Italy as well. I went from port city to port city, all the while sitting in the cruise ship, sipping a pina colada (I know not very European, but who doesn't like a pina colada on a hot day), relaxing and enjoying the glittering ocean. I was desperate to swim in the ocean, and this desire was realized when I landed in Mykonos, Greece. I explored the city, but soon grew tired of the strange white and blue theme of the buildings. I convinced my parents to go to the beach. I felt the grainy Greek sand between my toes as I slowly entered the Mediterranean Sea. It was incredible, the deep contrast between the scorching hot weather and the cool sea creating a sense of refreshment that one simply cannot experience in Canada's weather.

Upper Canada College
Tanis Rideout
Adil Natal

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