Pacific Ocean, Hawaii - Sammy Fleisher

The massive waves played a sweet tune in my ear as they viciously slammed onto the beach, taking a couple of courageous boogie-boarders with it. The ocean is the most powerful thing I have ever witnessed. The power to destroy an entire city, to throw humans onto the shore, yet many don't look at the ocean as the beautiful environment that it is. The massive amounts of animals that live under the great blue water, that we can only skim the surface of. The whales, fish, coral and much more make the ocean alive. Vibrant. As I stepped onto the fat whale watching boat, I knew that it would be a special experience. One that I would cherish for the rest of my life. I stepped off the Hawaiian shore onto the sleek boat, designed perfectly as to not disturb the whales, yet to quietly observe. As we steered from Maui, into the deep, dark ocean, a whale began to emerge. Its thick, long tail broke the surface of the water, slapped around for a bit, before diving back down to their home, under the ocean. It was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen. There were many more occurrences exactly like the last, but they were not as special. The first whale I ever saw up close will always be special. The incredible life that the ocean grants life. The ocean is truly one of the most special places to be. The ocean must remain special for all the generations to come. The vibrant life that finds itself deep in the ocean must remain for all future generations.

Upper Canada College
Tanis Rideout
Sammy Fleisher

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